"They say “Educate yourself.”
But you should know when to do so,
And when to ask for help.
That is the first step: knowing yourself.
Your limitations, your aspirations, knowing how you learn.
Knowing the difference between tuition and a library card.
Because there is a time for instruction and a time for self-motivation.
Know which to choose.
In the end the one who foots the bill is you.
Spending money is one thing, but years is another.
Time isn’t refundable.
Spend yours heading toward educating yourself on how to live, how to improve, how to grow, to create, and not repeat History’s mistakes.
“Educate yourself” in positivity, in independence, in humility, in humanity, and in wisdom.
Be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.
Know what you’re being told and where it comes from.
The head, the heart, the mouth, the machine.
Keep your filter, keep your vigor, keep your actions pure.
Don’t let the pressures keep you from realizing your dreams: the ways to getting there aren’t always as they seem."

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"We tend to think animals are lower than us, but all the scientists in the world couldn’t design and operate a bumblebee’s wing. We can’t jump or run very fast, and we can’t carry vast weights like an ant can. We can’t see in the dark and we can’t fly except crammed in a noisy tube like sardines, which doesn’t count. Humans compared to animals are almost totally deaf, and we can’t smell a fart in an elevator by their standards. We are finite and separate, and neurotic, while the consciousness of an animal is at peace and eternal. We strive and go crazy to become more important. Animals rest and sleep and enjoy the company of each other. We think we have evolved upwards from animals but we have lost almost all of their qualities and abilities. The idea that animals don’t have consciousness or that they don’t have a soul is rather crass. It shows a lack of consciousness. They talk, they have families, they feel things, they act individually or together to solve problems, they often care of their young as a tribal unit. They play, they travel, and medicate themselves when they get sick. They cry when others in the herd die, they know about us humans. Of course they have a soul, a very pristine one. We humans are only now attempting with the recent rise in consciousness to achieve the soul that animals have naturally."

- Stuart Wilde    (via seulray)

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3D gif by Dain Fagerholm

Dain Fagerholm aka DAiN 8 is an artist currently living in Seattle, Washington. Dain works mostly with ink pens and colour dye markers and started making what he calls ‘stereographic gifs’ of his drawings in February of 2012. He was most recently award the ‘Most Mesmerizing [GIF] or [PIC] of 2012.Drawings 

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The Gruesome Works of Naoki Sasayama  

These paintings by Naoki Sasayama recount, in stark realism, gruesome destruction and deaths.  Sasayama’s work is dealing with the facets of life and includes allusions to social and cultural ideas.  His technical ability and craving for the complex are also in the upper echelons making for a secure position of someone doing something no one else is doing.

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Marco Cadioli - Squares with Concentric Circles

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